Buying Twitter Followers : Why and Why not

Online marketing has relegated traditional marketing methods to the background. There are many tools to do online marketing and among them, social networking sites are great tools. They have become highly popular also. Sites like Twitter helps in building and expanding customer base and also in improving the rankings on the search engines.

Therefore, every business may want to have a number of Twitter followers. If you are a business owner, you may get suggestions from certain quarters that you can buy Twitter followers. Whether this strategy will benefit or not is a big question. Let us delve deep and find out.


Advantages of Buying Twitter Followers

  1. You can certainly find and attract prospective customers who may be interested in your products. If you are following the normal way of finding followers, you may be limiting your opportunities. But, if you have a number of followers, there are chances that more number of prospective customers may come to know of your brand as well as products. This may result in increased sales.
  2. Your web presence may vastly improve if you buy Twitter followers. Due to this, your business can get more attention than what you can have with the normal process. When a number of followers are there for your business, the importance and reputation of your business may also zoom. You may command more respect in your industry because of the clout you seem to possess on Twitter. Genuine users of Twitter may also be impressed with the number of followers you have and they may also start following you. This is popularly known as the "Bandwagon Syndrome".
  3. By working on the followers you buy, you can convert the genuinely potential customers into real customers. But, you should do your follow-up properly with those followers who visit your website or try to contact you.
  4. Another great advantage of buying Twitter followers is that if the customers you get from them are satisfied with your products or services, they will do word-of-mouth publicity for you and this may help in growing your business phenomenally.
  5.  For buying followers on Twitter, you need not spend heavily. You can do your research and find out a genuine source that comes at a reasonable cost. In fact, many businesses are adopting the strategy of buying Twitter followers and your competitors may also be one among them. So, you cannot afford to lag behind.

Disadvantages of Buying Twitter Followers

  1. The foremost reason is that you cannot call them genuine followers at all. Experts call them as "empty followers" who may not be of any use to enhance the reputation of your company. They may not contribute to increase in your sales also. You may not have any SEO advantage also by adopting this strategy.
  2. There may not be any tangible benefits to your business because ROI of this expenditure may be much below the expected levels.
  3. If you have genuine followers, it means you have "earned" their following whereas by buying Twitter followers, you are not improving your credibility in any manner. If genuine customers follow you, you can expect feed-backs from them. You can know from them how you can improve your customer service. Simply put, it will be fun interacting with genuine customers who follow you on Twitter. It will be a purposeful interaction also. This means that knowing what genuine customers think about your company and your products or services is more valuable than having thousands of followers who are not at all interested either in your company or in your products.
  4. Search Engines like Google know that many companies are resorting to such tactics. So, they have been periodically changing their algorithms so as to discourage such activities. So, you cannot expect to achieve an excellent ranking on search engines even if you invest a huge amount and buy a large number of Twitter followers. It may rather negatively impact your ranking.

  5.  Genuine users of Twitter can easily find out if an account has bogus followers or serious ones. If they apprehend that a Twitter account has fake followers, they may avoid following that account. So, you may lose your credibility if you buy Twitter followers.

  6. There are a number of scam sites that are trying to sell Twitter followers. You may end up losing your money if you fall into their trap.

In view of the foregoing, you are advised to jettison the idea of buying Twitter followers and choose only the right way that can get you genuine followers.

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