Cheap ways to Add followers to your Social Media Profile

Recently Google and Bing have acknowledged the importance of social media votes as a strong indicator of SERP rankings. It had been previously confirmed by tests done by SEO Moz and Hubspot in separate case studies. Here are some references you might find handy.


Now some of you may be wondering what has social media got to do with SERP rankings?
Well its got a lot to do there. Hell No I don’t mean those crappy profile links or what they call Angella Paul links. Lnks are a different thing. When we are talking about social media effect we are talking about followers to your brand.


Google blasted of to prominence with their patented technology where they used backlinks to measure the importance of a page. That has remained to this day the most effective ranking parameter for Google SERPS. But things are changing. Social media has caught the attention of the world and more people spend time everyday on the virtual world and connect to their friends. They are real people with real opinion. And this opinion is the new Ranking factor that search engines are crazy after. How much crazy ? Sorry I cannot quantify.


Like we had a world war out there among SEOs over link building we have a similar war breaking out there over getting Twitter followers and Facebook likes and LinkedIn connections. I was recently shocked when I found out people offering me 1000 twitter followers for 5$. Similarly 500 Facebook followers for 5$.  How good are they?


I have always stood by the saying what some free is not very useful and whatever comes cheap is definitely crap. This time I will beg to differ a bit. But still that saying is a fantabulous one you must incorporate. Now we have been strongly adviced against any spamming techniques to follow in getting Social media followers. But how do you think can someone provide 500 facebook likes for meager $5. They will definitely use dummy accounts or illegal methods to use compromised accounts to like your facebook page.


How does that harm you?
Like its easy enough to track when you are linked too much from paid linking sites and bad neighbourhoods, its easy enough to see that you are being heavily followed by inactive followers or compromised accounts. That will bring negative reputation to your brand and might bring down the SERP results as well.


But they are not in direct control of the Brand owning the facebook page or twitter account. So I cannot say if such activity will directly hamper you rankings.


Now lets comeback to my original thought that - I don’t think this is a completely dangerous thing to do. It has some advantages to top up the disadvantages mentioned above.
It has been seen in studies that people prefer to like a page more frequently it there are a larger number of people already following it.


It adds a fair degree of trust to your site when you have thousands of social media followers.
It increases you chance to sell if one user finds a friends face in the facebook box of Fans on your page.


keeping these factors in mind I would say its a PLUS to get some twitter followers and Facebook likes to boost your brand value, even when you know most of them are phony accounts in reality. You need a platform to grow big and this could be that platform.


If Dhirubhai Ambani could melt coins to make a profit out of metal trade then we can definitely use some phony social media accounts to make a profit on our business. Enjoy



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