dot info (.info) bad for SEO |Facts and Myths

Every now and then we hear claims .Info domains are bad for SEO.

How much of it is true?

Did I make a mistake buying the all those .info domains?
Can I compete with other websites like .com and .org with my .info site?

Lets do a quick analysis of the fad that many SEOs (Sex Education Officers) proclaim beating their chests like Orangutans. If you are a monkey in the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) jungle, you need to consult the big Gorillas, Baboons, Chimpanzees, Pandas etc before you jump to conclusions and start monkeying with your website. Well you are free to do that. But Please (please please please ...n times) don’t share your expert knowledge with other monkeys. Thats how AIDS (Acute Intelligence Deficiency Syndrome) spread.

Terminating my Monkey Philosophy, we return to the main question about .info (dot info) domains being monkey shit in SERPs.

Well that is NOT true.

I strongly believe (post consultation with experts) that .info .com and .orgs and any other domains are equally good as long as you do justice to them. Each one of them is intended for a special purpose. While .com mean companies; .orgs are organizations; .info are informative sources.


For example if I wanted to make a website on AIDS. I would prefer AIDS.INFO. Why? That is because AIDS is not a company or an organization and when I am talking about it I mean to share information about that concept and of course I am in no mood to sell AIDS to you even as a non profit organization.

It is a matter of Perception

as one of my friends, a reputed Mumbai based SEO points out. He had this real life analogy to share. He says his close friend had to relocate to a new location in Mumbai because a ’Red Light Area’ evolved around his ancestors property. Some times you have no other option but to succumb to the pressure of misinformation. Unfortunately we still have Asses as our leaders because there are more illiterates around and the literates are too busy to vote.

But even as I say all that there is one recent trend in domain booking that support the fads to some extent. Some major companies are selling .info at dirt cheap rates. So some people buy them in bulk and slap them on to their websites (301 redirect) expecting a gallop in SERP rankings. Again these registrars fool you with marketing gimmicks about Consolidating your Brand by buying .info along with your .com. People mostly fall for the .info choice as it is cheap.


There was a post on SEOBOOKsome a couple of years back when the .info domains disappeared out of SERPs for a day. Since then many people are obsessed with .info being bad for SEO fad.
The truth being spammy site continue to be given heavy discounts irrespective of the tlds. Its just that more of them happen to be .info because right now they are the cheapest in the market.


Now every now and then people ask me to prove it? The easy way out is to challenge them to Disprove me. LOL. But those are poor AIDS (Acute Intelligence Deficiency Syndrome) patients so we gotta co-operate.


Here is my Proof Why dot info domains are as good as any other TLDs. Normally we see three situations - Is the key word

competitive? Is there a TLD advantage? Are there enough results?

Next try these key words - whois info, domain info, ip info where are your F***king .coms and .orgs? LOL


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