Is this SEO Course for you? Analyze before you join

We are not interested in fooling anyone and everyone. Take a minute to understand if you really need this course.

We take in only a limited number of students. Just 5 of them in a batch. We make sure the our Trainees get the maximum attention and get back each buck they spent on us. Make the best use of this knowledge deal. If you identify yourself in one of the following categories then this course is for you.We don’t require you to have a degree or diploma to take this course. But yes three things are very important without which we do not believe you can benefit from this SEO training.

1. English Knowledge - Mostly Written English

This is the Most basic requirement. We see 70% of people failing in this field because of poor English. We might equip you with the best SEO knowledge but thats no use if you cannot make the most out of it. Poor language will only kill the brand image and irritate the user to close the page and look else where. It will severely affect your click through rates and Conversions rates. (sorry if you don’t understand these jargons )

2. Computer and Internet Knowledge 

Please don’t expect us to answer question like -
How do I open a website? How can I install Windows 7 on my computer? Why internet explorer is not working on my system? Those will not come under the scope of the course. If you are not proficient in your computer skills then this platform is not the right place for that. Please knock us once you are confident.

3. A passion for SEO and Internet Marketing

If you wan’t to join this course because you don’t have a job then again we cannot help you. It is important that a student has interest in what he is trying to learn. No teacher in this world can make you successful if you don’t like what you are doing. So develop that interest first. You are free to ask for consultation if you are not sure if this is the right option for you.

Take a look at our SEO Course Structure .

Who should be Taking this course.

  1. Business Owners.
  2. Not so Expert SEOs.?
  3. Intermediate Bloggers / Webmasters / Designers / Developers.
  4. Anyone else interested in a Career in Online Marketing or SEO

This course will be handled by experienced Internet Marketing Consultants in Delhi and SEOs from NewDelhiSEO.


Open & supporting all companies during COVID-19. New Delhi Seo is always here when you need it.  
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