OSE Firewall Vs Firewall 2 word press security firewall plugins

OSE Firewall-

To protect the word press powered blogs from viruses, hacking and spam, open source excellence developed software called word press firewall. WordPress firewall has a built in scanner which has the capability to scan your website from unwanted or unauthorized malicious code.

This software provides the various functionality to make word press powered blogs secure-

  1. It provides the functionality to trace, delete and track the methods that found blacklisted.
  2. It has the capability to detect or check the intruder’s activity.
  3. Provide the functionality for detecting directory traversing.
  4. It provides a mechanism to detect SQL injection to prevent malicious attack on the organisational database.
  5. It supports the JavaScript injection technique.
  6. It has the facilities to check the remote file inclusion and direct file inclusion technique.


Word press firewall 2 is an additional tool for monitoring each and every web request, to identify and stop the most common suspicious attacks. It helps in enhancement of blogs security by mitigating 0-day attack.


  • Keep all the logs and detect each suspicious looking parameter thus prevent the unauthorized access to word press.
  • Allow the facility of additional white listed pages and fields to allow plug-in, to get activated when needed.
  • It configure maximum security as the first plug-in.

Features of Firewall2

  1. It supports Anti-Hacking mechanism.
  2. It supports blocking of executable files upload.
  3. ? It provides the arbitrary code injection detection.

Drawbacks :It is not yet tested from last 2 years on new versions of word press, so compatibility issues may cause some problems on newer releases of word press.


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