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There are not many sites with good SEO jokes around. Half of them are lawyer jokes with SEO replaced in place of lawyers. So really enjoy these jokes l lot and I believe you will like a lot of them if not all. I have kept them one liners or lesser than 140 chars to allow an easy RT.


Warning: Some of them are my own and some have been edited to twitter format or for a smarter punch.


If you want to add some thing to it feel free to comment. (your suggestion will be acknowledged). Here we go.




Hey, this site is now ranking nr. 1 in Google!
Reply: Ok, and what if you turn your personalized search off? #SEO #jokes

What did the SEO do on his honeymoon? A: He put a "nofollow" outside the door. #SEO #jokes


Q - What’s the difference between a seo consultant and a used car salesman? A - The used car salesman knows when he is lying. #SEO #jokes


Why won’t sharks attack SEOs? Professional courtesy. #SEO #jokes

Why did New Jersey get all the toxic waste and California all the SEOs? New Jersey got first pick . #SEO #jokes

Old SEOs never die, they just lose their rankings.#SEO #jokes


Priest : you may exchange rings now. SEO: I am glad this is a reciprocal link. #SEO #jokes


2 SEOs negotiating a case. SEO1 :“Look, let’s be honest with each other.” SEO2: “Okay, you first,” End of discussion. #SEO #jokes

“What do you call Zelda in lingerie? Link bait.” #SEO #jokes

A SEO couple had twins. For the first time they were happy with duplicate content. #SEO #jokes

Two SEOs watching a girl with big boobs on trampoline? 1st:I hate it? 2nd: What, the trampoline? !st: No the bounce rate. #SEO #jokes

Alexa Ranks you but Google ranks your left little finger, appendix, white hairs too. #SEO #jokes


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