The Problem of content in Indian travel industry

We have been actively involved in SEO for Travel Industry for the past 4 years. Since some of my team members and I were previously employed by a Canadian Travel company we have a natural inclination towards the industry. People from this sector find it easier to work with us thanks to our years of exposure to this travel concepts and user behavior.


Today I would like to point out a particular problem with Travel Industry. Almost every client we have handled yet has been plagued by this problem. The Problem of Content. For those who are alien to travel trade let me tell you what sells on a Tour and Travel site is a ’Holiday Package’. Content wise it is basically and Itinerary with photos packaged with some descriptive content to help sell the product.

The problem is we have a zillion travel startups in Delhi (seems like it). Most of those startups begin with very minimal funds. I dropped the count of queries wanting us to develop a travel website for 100$. Even with a 500$ budget its hard for a development company to provide you great content worth promoting. (we are not talking about a handful of pages, rather a full blown website) So what we have are beautiful pages with crap content on them.


While most of the time it is content copied word by word from popular travel companies in other instances it is poorly spun text of the same stuff. When cheap writers try to re-write something original they either infect it with poor grammar and sentence structures or misrepresent facts. The end result, which they claim as ’Unique’ content, is actually crap that will not only make sure you are flagged as a content spinning site (ref to Google Panda Algorithm)  but guarantee that the visitor gets pissed off and closes the page for good.



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